About Us

The Blake-Jones Review has already experienced its first move in its young life. It has been transplanted from Toronto to London, Ontario. In due course, it will eventually move to Nova Scotia, Canada at which time there will most likely be a total revamping including rebranding and potential name change. Your suggestions are always welcome.

The Blake Jones Neighbourhood

Bordering the Toronto neighbourhood, Greektown, Blake Jones is within the Riverdale boundaries. Within its boundaries, The Pocket, a neighbourhood only accessible by Jones Avenue. Opposite the pocket is as vibrant a community.

The Blake-Jones Review was born here, among tree-lined streets and parks that show movies after dark. Many submissions have been read and accepted in these gazebos. I’ve read wondrous pieces of flash fiction and spellbinding poetry relaxing under these trees. There’s nothing more inspiring than a lovely little community where you can feel at home and create.